Q: What is a “floor waste”?

A: A floor waste is a drain in the floor surface to allow water to drain away. There’s one in every shower recess, and may also be in a bathroom floor, toilet floor, laundry floor and even a kitchen floor.

Their purpose is to safely drain away water in the event of a water leak or flood – such as a burst pipe, overflowing bath, faulty dishwasher, etc.


Q:  Why do floor wastes smell bad?

A: There are two main reasons:

1. The water trap in the pipe below the surface grate is replenished by water from the hand basin and/or shower. This water contains soap, body wastes, toothpaste etc. These contaminants sit in the trap, float on the surface and putrefy as bacteria and other organisms’ feed and live in it.

2. Sometimes the room will have little or no use and the trap will dry-out. This allows foul air from the sewer main (including neighbouring properties) to rise into the room.

Both of these conditions can be treated, but they require regular maintenance and most people are either unaware of the need, or already overloaded with household chores.


Q:  How does EzyDrain work?

A:  EzyDrain provides a fail-safe protection. It provides a mechanical air seal just beneath the floor grate. It allows the drain to function as it was intended – water can still pass through at full flow – but it will not allow air to rise up into the room.


Q:  I’ve seen cockroaches coming from my floor drain – will EzyDrain stop them?

A: Yes. The dark, damp space between the floor grate and the water trap is a perfect place for cockroaches, drain flies and other insects to hide and breed because they can’t be seen and water rarely (if ever) flows into the drain to disturb them. EzyDrain cuts them off from entering the room.


Q:  How do I install a EzyDrain?

Click here for Installation instructions


Q:  What maintenance is required?

A:  Periodically check if the flap has been fouled with hair etc. Simply remove the grate and either pull the whole unit out to clean it or twist the top of the unit anticlockwise and lift it off. Then remove the flap for cleaning, and replace all of the parts.


Q:  Won’t germs be able to move around the EzyDrain and make their way to surfaces in the room?

A:  EzyDrain is made with a special material that kills bacteria and virus organisms on contact. This significantly reduces the numbers of organisms entering the room from the sewer.


Q:  What if the EzyDrain becomes entangled in long hair that’s washed down the drain?

A:  The EzyDrain is built to be removed as a complete unit if you need to clean it. You can also remove just the top section (by twisting to the left and lifting). This allows you to remove and clean the only moving part (the flap) and re-install it easily.


Q:  What if I need to touch the EzyDrain to move it or clean it – won’t being installed in the sewer system contaminate it?

A: EzyDrain is made from a special material that contains silver metal. This material kills micro-organisms on contact, so they will not swarm all over the drain seal. It is always recommended that you wash your hands thoroughly after touching any part of your sewer system.


Q:  When I have a shower the floor drain in the bathroom overflows with foam. Will EzyDrain prevent that from happening?

A:  Yes. Nothing can pass upwards through the EzyDrain, not foam, not water or insects, rodents or even frogs.


Trouble Shooting


High Pressure Areas

Hard Bottom units can be glued into place for high pressure areas, or where pipes are mis-shapened and the EzyDrain unit is not sealing fully


Obstructed Pipes

Poor fitting can be due to obstructions within the pipe. Ensure that any grout or cement is removed using the sandpaper disc provided with your EzyDrain



Check your EzyDrain once or twice a year for maintenance and cleaning. There is no need to remove the base from your waste pipe as the core can be disengaged and removed for cleaning and inspection to ensure all parts are working correctly before replacement.